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Proper Maintenance of Tube Amps
Whatever type of equipment you have, be it a musical instrument or a sound system device, it is a basic thing to maintain it well so that it can serve you well in the long haul without a need for major repairs that can hurt your pocket. Keeping it in its tiptop shape all the time will give the ultimate service that you will require so that you can use it for a long time. This is also the same when it comes to the tube amp maintenance and repairs.
To keep your acoustics sounding great and running smoothly, your tube amp must be well maintained. There are some important things that you can do that can cost you a pocketful when it comes to caring for this guitar amp. These tips should be kept in mind to make sure that your machine is in its greatest condition all the time to do away with expensive repairs and replacement that may hurt your pocket.
Your speakers and your amplifiers should be matched perfectly. This is very important and must not be something to fool around. When you do not match your amplifier with your speaker, it can cause your equipment some damage that will make it stop functioning at such an early stage. There is equipment that is sensitive and this all depends on the brand that you have.
The problems can actually be avoided when utilizing an ohms scale in measuring their voltage. The most common problems that are experienced by many are the faulty meters that tend to measure on the low side. By doing this, it can help you measure the impedance of your cabinet to check if they match with the speaker that it is connected to. If you have difficulties in understanding the basics of the voltage meters, it is advised that you may consult with a pro or hire a tube amp serviceman from your local dealer who for sure will be happy to help you with this problem for a fee. Your amp may start to lower its quality because of wear and tear; this is a good time to call a professional too.

If you have an old tube amp, this may not provide you with its best quality. All that you need to do is to do a power-tube replacement. Together with this, you will need to do a drive-tube replacement since both of these go hand in hand and cannot actually be done separately. It is also recommended that you do this instead of buying a new amplifier since this is the cheaper and the more practical alternative thing to do.
Tube sockets may deteriorate from overuse. This is because they are attached to the portion of the amplifier that absorbs the most voltage. These sockets, when they are not properly pinned, can cause interruption from the amplifier connection to the speaker. In time, these sockets will corrode and this means that replacement should be done the soonest possible time.
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